What Separates Academy Compliance from the Pack?

Veteran Leadership

80% of Academy Compliance’s leadership are military veterans, including our CEO, COO, President, CFO, CCO, and Head of Geopolitical Strategy.

Veteran Ownership

Over half of the Academy Compliance stakeholders served in the United States military, with even more of our staff having served in the military in various capacities.

Veteran Advisory Board

Comprised of former and current senior U.S. military officials including several Generals and Admirals, the members of our Advisory Board also have significant military and business backgrounds.

Veteran Status

The majority of our employees are United States Military Veterans, with their experience spanning across all five major branches, the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.


Notable Relationships

Over the past decades, we’ve built up our relationships with high-level executives and leaders in both the military and business world. We work directly for and with Fortune 500 companies and military leaders to ensure we’re offering the best insights and direction.

Academy Securities

Academy Securities is the United States first and only Post-9/11 veteran and disabled veteran owned and operated investment bank. Academy leverages its intensive military background, current financial experience, network, and geopolitical knowledge to offer unmatched intelligence-based investment strategies.


Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions (CHTCS) is a technology and service-based company that aims to help big brands address the potential for human rights issues like modern slavery and forced labor in their corporate supply chain. CHTCS’ technology helps brands calculate the risk of labor at each individual supplier.

Proven Track Record

Academy Compliance is a partnership between Academy Securities and Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions (CHTCS), two companies from different industries that through working together can offer reliable services and technology to address compliance issues in supply chains.


East Coast

Academy Compliance has offices located across the Eastern Coast of the United States, including in New York City, Boston, North Carolina and South Norwalk, Connecticut.


Our Midwest presence includes our Chicago office, an office that is critical to our operations and helps better serve clients located in the Midwest and Central United States.

West Coast

Our San Diego and Sacramento offices in California round out our United States’ presence on the West Coast, giving us immediate timely access to our West Coast clients.

National Presence

Our network and operations span several companies and offices that collectively make up the Academy Compliance business. We rely on experts from across the country to provide unmatched service.


Veteran Employment

Unemployment among returning United States veterans is higher than the national average. We aim to help veterans transitions from their substantial military work and experience into the private sector.

Veteran Training

We believe employers need to increase their understanding of the unique and diverse experiences of veterans to properly evaluate how they can contribute to any organization. We directly train hired veterans and are also working on a larger training platform to help make the transition from the military to business easier.

Supporting Nonprofits

We support many nonprofit organizations and charities, primarily in the veteran assistance area. These nonprofits include but are not limited to:

  • Veterans on Wall Street
  • 100,000 Jobs Initiative
  • SEAL Legacy Foundation
  • Wounded Warriors Battalion West

Social Mission

We are committed to pursuing various ways to give back and make a social impact, primarily through addressing the issues facing the men and women who have served our country.